Vertical pop up flag for business promotion

Why fly a flag to promote your business?

Every business owner wants their brand to stand out and be noticed. And while there are many different marketing tools to consider, one that often gets overlooked is the use of flags. Whilst digital marketing is of great importance, physical and tangible marketing still holds great esteem and flying a flag with your business logo or message can be an extremely effective way to draw attention and promote your brand. 

Versatile, cost-effective and highly visible, flags can be used in a variety of settings from outdoor events and festivals to trade shows and conferences. And they can help increase foot traffic by up to 20% – that’s no mean feat! We’ve explored the reasons why you should consider flag printing for your business in more detail below: 

High visibility 

Whether flown directly outside your business, or at trade shows and outdoor events, flags are a great way to attract attention to your brand. They make it easy for customers to find you and they are a great way to draw people in. With the right design, you can show people who you are, what you do and why they should visit. 


Other forms of advertising such as billboards, TV and radio can cost a lot of money for little return on investment (ROI). Whilst customised flags can have a similar impact at a fraction of the cost. Relatively inexpensive, they can be produced in large quantities meaning you can reach more people without using up all your marketing budget. 

Versatile and durable 

Designed to withstand the elements, flags can be used again and again without losing their impact. They are easily transported and assembled, meaning they can be used at any location, and they also come in a range of different shapes and sizes, meaning they can suit more specific requirements.  

Choose Colin Cross Printers for your flag printing 

Flags are cost-effective, versatile and a highly visible way to promote your business. With Crest Flag, Feather Flag and Teardrop Flag options, available in a range of sizes, there is a design for every occasion and requirement. So why not consider using them in your next campaign to promote your business, and customise them to reflect your brand and company message with ease.  

If you’re in the market for some flag printing in Lancashire, or would like to know more, look no further than Colin Cross; digital print experts specialising in flag printing services in Preston, Lancaster and Morecambe, and with over 40 years of experience in the printing industry. 

We are able to tackle almost all your printing needs in house, giving you and your business access to one of the best printing companies in the Lancaster area, and indeed the UK as a whole. To find out more, simply contact us on 01995 602288 or email: 

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