Grow Your Business with Sign Printing

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, you will find sign printing is a key component to better grow your business. Signs produce eye-catching designs and help to draw people’s attention to your business, so it’s important that you choose your signage wisely. Here are some of the main benefits for sign printing and how you should use them to effectively grow your business:

Brand Awareness

The main reason for marketing is to raise awareness of your brand and your business. Signs are the perfect solution for this. By simply having a sign with your brand logo and / or business name, you are producing a marketing tool that signpost people to your business and lets them know who you are! The position of these signs should be in close proximity to your business as well as further away to signpost people to your business. And don’t forget that signage is just as important once inside the building. You want to maintain a level of brand awareness throughout your business so it is never far from people’s minds.

Draw Attention

The main purpose of any sign is to grab people’s attention. Whether for passers-by or for your target audience, your sign printing needs to be bold and strong, and clear. Whether you are showcasing products or your services, you want it to draw attention in a visually appealing way. A picture can speak a thousand words so make sure your sign says it all in a moments glance.

Personal Style

The beauty of sign printing is that it gives you a medium to truly create a personal style for your brand. Using your brand colourways and logo, your signage will clearly indicate your business and help you stand out from competitors. Make sure your colours, image and logo create something memorable for people to know your brand inside out.

Advertise further afield

Signage doesn’t just have to be within proximity to your business. It is a great way to widen your scope for customers and build your brand awareness further afield. You may want to display your brand at events or places with higher foot-traffic. Make sure your sign printing makes a clear statement about who you are and what you do with as few words as possible, ensuring your image and messaging are easily remembered by a greater audience.

Choose Colin Cross Printers for Sign Printing

 Producing professional signage and displays in custom sizes and designs is vital for both business and event promotion. The biggest benefit is to gain lots of exposure for you and your business., which will in turn increase sales and security for your brand. At Colin Cross, our signage options can be used in a variety of positions both indoor and outdoor.

If you’re in the market for some sign printing or would like to know more, look no further than Colin Cross; digital print experts specialising in printing services in Preston, Lancaster and Morecambe, and with over 40 years of experience in the printing industry.

We are able to tackle almost all your printing needs in house, giving you and your business access to one of the best printing companies in the Lancaster area, and indeed the UK as a whole. To find out more, simply contact us on 01995 602288 or email:

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