What Is NCR Invoice Printing?

Whilst it may appear to be a somewhat ‘old-fashioned’ method of conducting business, many industries and companies still make daily use of printed NCR duplicate invoice books for their business transactions. NCR invoice books can make your financial transactions easier and more efficient as well as helping to promote your brand and company. Here are some aspects of NCR invoice printing for you to consider:

Neat and Tidy 

The ‘old-style’ carbon paper docket books were often messy and untidy to use – unclear detail caused by carbon smudges on each copy, as well as your fingers for the rest of the day! NCR Invoice books provide a clean and coherent invoice solution with defined information and a more compact finished product that looks both tidier and more professional!

NCR Invoice Printing 

An NCR set is a collection of forms that are compiled to create an NCR book or pad – they are usually printed as duplicate or triplicate books, often numbered. The top sheet will be printed in full colour, whilst the duplicated copies will appear in black-and-white.

Quick And Easy 

It is a much quicker and easier process to create and issue invoices with NCR books – processing the customer orders becomes more exact and efficient. Today’s printing techniques allow you to select the exact, personal layout and customised text fields you want included on your invoices, making it easier for your staff to capture and record all the relevant customer detail your business needs for quick and accurate data recording.

Easy Accounting 

One of the biggest benefits of NCR invoice printing is that it will provide you with a more organised record of your invoices – vital in the management of your transactions that are central to your business efficiency! NCR invoice printing will make everyday business easier and more efficient – and, importantly, will do the same for your customers!

Portable And Convenient 

Printed NCR books are easily accessible and portable – if your staff are constantly out and about amongst your customers issuing invoices and writing receipts, then it can become a time-consuming chore. If your staff carry with them duplicate books, they can invoice customers on-site in a much more efficient and professional manner – they can issue and record quickly at any venue, serving the customer more efficiently and negating the need for a printed copy to be produced back at the office and forwarded to the customer at a later date, saving both your company and your customer any further time-consuming admin!

Brand Awareness 

A generic invoice can be functional and effective – however, NCR invoice printing can produce customised duplicate books which will make a much bigger impression on your customers or clients. A well-designed, customised NCR invoice book that boldly displays your company logo, colours and contact details can act as a formal business card – it will encourage engagement with your customers and act as a constant reminder to them of your company name and brand. It will help promote loyalty to your brand and encourage repeat business, as well as promoting a more professional business image.

Better Business 

NCR duplicate books help maintain accurate records about your personalised products, services, and locations which will be a great aid in identifying solutions to any customer invoice issues. They provide clean, clear copies of all the transaction details and are easy to track – especially important for any cash transactions with your customers, as well as establishing accurate records of any credit and debit card transactions into which your business enters. Your customers will appreciate the personal nature of your service as, by providing a ready-made, comprehensive paper trail, it helps provide a clearer picture and reduces any confusion that may arise from a transaction.

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