What Is NCR Printing?

The term NCR refers to No Carbon Required – this is a form, notebook, or pad consisting of multiple sheets of paper in which the paper has been treated with a special coating to either the front, the back, or both sides, which react to the pressure of a pen, thus creating clean, clear duplicate copies. When you write on the top copy of an NCR sheet it automatically reproduces the same image on the subsequent sheets beneath – these forms are usually produced as individual NCR sets, or NCR pads.

NCR Pads 

NCR pads are produced in 2, 3 or 4-part sets which are glued together to create an NCR book, where one of the NCR copies is fastened to the book ensuring that all your file copies are kept together in one place. Often produced in books or pads of 50’s, the pads include a stiff ‘backboard’ and a ‘writing shield’ that is inserted beneath the bottom copy of an individual set to avoid transfer to multiple sets in error. Once a set is written it is detached and the copies distributed accordingly, and the pad is available for the next transaction. They can be sequentially numbered, hole punched and perforated for easy use. Ordering NCR books makes storage of the items easier and is more cost effective to produce and print. These pads provide physical hard copies of each individual transaction, making them instant and valuable referable records of the business performed and are a proven, reliable form of accurate record-keeping.

NCR Sets 

These loose sets are the least expensive form of NCR printing – like the pad entries, they consist of 2, 3, 4 or even 5-parts all glued together to form one individual set. As with the pads, they can be numbered, hole-punched, and perforated for whatever your business requires.

NCR Pads Uses 

NCR pads are extremely versatile and used in many areas of business – the primary use of NCR pads is in creating instant copies for all parties of invoices and receipts. The NCR document records all details of the transaction – the item sold, the date and price and, in some instances, which employee has performed the transaction. The relevant coloured copies are retained by both the seller and purchaser. Likewise, NCR receipts provide the “mirror” document of the invoice – wherever an invoice is issued there will be a requirement for a receipt which contains the same information as the invoice. The receipt is issued after the transaction is complete as opposed to the invoice which is issued prior to the business taking place. Both documents provide accurate, corresponding records used in accounting to track and evidence sales transactions to verify the business completed.

Other Uses 

All manner of businesses can make use of NCR printing, but you will find the most common usage in industries such as retail, catering, and construction. NCR Printing is also useful for producing Delivery Notes – these NCR documents accompany goods being transported between locations, itemising the specific objects being transported and acting as a checklist at both points of departure and arrival – and Legal documents such as Agreement Forms where it is necessary for a party to sign and agree to Terms and Conditions,  School Accident Report Forms, Gas Safety Records and Hazardous Waste Notes are all examples of documentation that can be served with NCR printing.

Personalised NCR Pads 

Some businesses may take advantage of having personalised NCR books or pads printed. These personalised NCR Pads can provide a professional image that gives constant brand reinforcement, along with that personal touch that builds business relationships with customers.

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