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10 Uses For NCR Pads

NCR forms or pads are one of the most commonly-used forms of business stationery – many businesses in many different sectors make regular use of these cost-effective and efficient business stationery items. Retail, hospitality, catering, and construction businesses, or any business that needs to provide instant multiple copies of an original document, use NCR pads which have taken the place of the original carbon copy pads that had been in use for many years.  

NCR Pads

No Carbon Required – NCR – refers to paper that has been treated with a special coating which reacts to the pressure of a pen – these have replaced the old-fashioned, and often ‘messy’, carbon paper books previously used for creating duplicate copies. Writing on the top copy of an NCR sheet automatically reproduces the same image on the subsequent sheets beneath – NCR sheets are usually printed in 2, 3 or 4-part sets which are glued together to create an NCR book, where one of the NCR copies is fastened to the book ensuring that all your file copies are kept together in one place.  

Common Uses

There are many business documents that take the form of NCR pads – amongst them are:    

1. Invoices

The NCR document records all details of the transaction – the item sold, the date and price and, in some instances, which employee has performed the transaction. Copies are retained by both the seller and purchaser. 

2. Receipts

The receipt is the “mirror” document of the invoice – wherever an invoice is issued there will be a requirement for a receipt which contains the same information as the invoice. Whereas the invoice is issued prior to the transaction, the receipt is issued after the transaction is complete. Both documents are used in accounting to record and evidence sales transactions to verify requests and receipts for payment. 

3. Delivery Notes

Goods being transported between locations will usually be accompanied by delivery notes itemising the specific objects being transported and acting as a checklist at both the points of departure and arrival. 

4. Purchase Orders

 These are commercial documents outlining types, quantities and agreed prices for products or services. They are a commonly used form of business documentation which lends itself to NCR use. 

5. Accident Recording

All businesses will have a process for recording any health and safety issues, or accidents, that occur on the premises – NCR pads are the ideal work tool to capture these incidents and ensure accurate recording of, and accountability for, whatever has occurred.  

6. Agreement Forms

These documents are often produced in duplicate books or continuous NCR forms. Agreement forms are legal documents where it is necessary for a party to sign and agree to Terms and Conditions or similar. 

7. Waste Management Services

In these days of environmentally-aware business practices, all companies will keep strict records on the correct waste disposal processes they employ – NCR pads can provide the requisite number of copies of the details of your waste management. 

8. Laundry Lists

In the hospitality industry, cruise ships and hotels offer customer laundry services – NCR pads are ideal for recording items sent for cleaning – the guest/passenger can keep a hard copy detailing which items were taken, when and by whom.  

9. Note Pads

NCR pads are ideal for information recording of any kind – perhaps you are on a course taking notes and want to pass on the details to other work colleagues – NCR forms will allow you to make direct, detachable copies for others without the need for photocopying and such!  

10. Rent Books

NCR pads can be useful for recording payments of any kind, so lend themselves to be effective ‘rent books’ – both yourself and the landlord can have duplicate copies of any payments made. 

NCR Printing

The most requested use by businesses is for 2 Part NCR printing or 3 Part NCR printing – however NCR pads can be produced with more copies if required.  

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