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How To Optimise Your Signage Placement

Many businesses use different types of signage to advertise their products and services – depending upon the size and type of business you have, often dictates the size and form of signage that is most effective for your business and whether you utilise indoor or outdoor signage or a combination of the two. Whatever the business arena, having designed and printed your marketing signage, no matter how professional and eye-catching it looks, if it’s not placed strategically in the correct locations then it will have little effect – here is some information on placement of your signs to get the best results from your investment:   

Indoor Signs

Whilst always considering the layout and size of your indoor space, the typical places to consider for your indoor signage include along the walls, perhaps to help guide visitors/customers to certain products you want to highlight, or perhaps behind a reception desk to greet customers and create a professional and welcoming ambience on entering the premises. Consider also, obviously, if you have a storefront or glazed front reception to your business, use the glazed areas to display deals or products to attract interest from any passing footfall.  

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are largely effective in attracting attention from a distance – so relevant placement is important. If you want to attract the regular passing traffic to your business, then strategically placed signage along the roadside can prove very effective. Consider placing your signage at junctions and entrances to retail parks and such, where traffic has to stop or pause, and drivers will have more time to read your signs. Other forms of outdoor signage include blade signs that project out from a building, perhaps over a pavement or road, and stand-alone A-board signs that sit well on a pavement outside shops and businesses. 

Signage Considerations

Here are some tips on how to get the most from your signage:  

  • Design – Your sign should complement your brand and reinforce a consistent image to those who see it – the best sign placement won’t be as effective if the sign itself is poorly designed and presented and is easy to ignore, so ensure the design stands out and is attractive in itself! 
  • Lighting – Think about illuminating your sign wherever possible and relevant. On a large outdoor sign, having it well-lit so it is clearly visible from the roadside at night will draw attention to it and will have an advantage over those businesses who choose not to illuminate their signage – well-lit signage is twenty-four hours a day advertising for your business!  
  • Size Dimensions – Consider the height and width of your signage – there may be restrictions on the types and sizes of signage allowed in specific places. Ensure with local authorities or other relevant parties that your signage adheres to the guidelines for its positioning and display, then choose the most effective size to attract the attention you want. Ensure your sign is high enough to be seen from all the angles and if, for example, in a road sign placement, that it is not obscured by other objects such as streetlights or telephone lines etc.  
  • Legibility – The main consideration of your signage is that, having attracted attention, it can be clearly read – so ensure that the font you use is a familiar one and easily recognised and that any lettering is large enough to be read from a distance without straining eyesight. Choose the background colours and Images carefully to ensure that they enhance and not hinder the text. 
  • Environment – Your outdoor signage will, of course, be subject to the weather elements, so ensure the materials used in your outdoor signs is of a durable and hardy nature in order to get longevity from your signage investment.  

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