Typography: How it’s Used in Businesses

Are you wondering how important typography really is when it comes to growing your business?

You might be surprised. The font used to represent a product or service to consumers can greatly affect the way that particular product or service is perceived, to such a degree that it can even affect the way things taste, according to designer Sarah Hyndman.


Hyndman recently hosted a ‘wine and type tasting evening’ as part of a design festival in London, to show just how easily typography can influence the mind. According to the designer, anything from the words on the label, to the placement and price on a restaurant menu can affect our enjoyment of an expensive bottle of wine – however, she also added that just knowing the wine is expensive also contributes to what can make it taste so delicious.

As for the types of font which could make a wine seem less enjoyable, Hyndman said: “Jagged shapes put our brain on alert for potential danger, which could be something sharp or the taste of food that might not be good to eat such as sour or unripe fruit, or bitterness and potentially poisonous.”

Could it really just be a smart way of our brains trying to keep us safe?

According to Hyndman, very possibly.

However, it goes without saying that typography can influence far more than just wine. For instance, there’s a reason why IKEA switched to popular font Verdana in its logo – it’s such a common font to see nowadays, that we’ve kind of become used to it in a way that we don’t even really register. And because the font feels so natural, we don’t even hesitate to think about it; which is why the company chose it for its font – it was also thought of as ‘web-safe’ at the time. Of course, not everyone liked the initial switch, though.

Here’s what author of ‘Just My Type’, Simon Garfield, said in an article for Business News Daily: “Good type is something you hardly notice. Fonts can either enhance the message or get in its way. You can break it down, but only so much. Ultimately, it just works for you or it doesn’t.”

Garfield’s ultimate advice? Hire a designer or professional to help you pick the best font to enhance your business.


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