Are You Making the Right Impression with Your Business Stationery?

Believe it or not, people do judge a book by its cover, even though we’re often told that’s never the best outlook on life. Humans are very visual beings and getting an impression of something before we really get to know what it is properly is just something that we do naturally.

This is why it is so crucial to get your business branding right from the offset, including the various items of stationary that you want to use to professionally promote your business to your clients or potential customers.

Being specialists in printing in Lancaster, we often help many businesses with their branding and stationary, but are you really making the right impression with yours?

Do You Have a Logo?

A logo is one of the most crucial features of any business branding, so if you haven’t got one – now’s the time to sit down with a good quality designer and create one.

A good logo represents your company as a whole; what you stand for, what you offer and the level of professionalism you are trying to achieve.

Identity Branding Marketing Copyright Brand Concept

All this can be conveyed to you clients and potential customers through a very visual logo design which also boasts an attractive yet relevant colour scheme. They will be able to tell a lot about your company and your standards by simply looking at your logo – trust us!

Does Your Existing Branding Transfer Well to Stationary?

It’s all well and good having an intricate, attractive logo, but will it really look as impressive when printed onto your letterheads, business cards and other stationery?

It’s essential that you have consistent branding across your entire business – not only to appear unique and easily recognisable, but to remain professional, too.


Not every design will transfer easily to your stationery, and it’s important to factor in the cost of printing your branding on all these items of business stationary – the larger and more intricate your branding is, the more money you may have to spend on printing costs if you aren’t careful.

It’s also important to think about sizing when printing letterheads; letters fold in a specific way, so you will want to make sure that your letter will be formatted correctly with your branding added, especially if you are using windowed envelopes which require the address to be in a specific place on the page.

Is the Quality of your Stationery High?

The quality of the stationary that your business branding is printed on matters a great deal, and it’s always advised to factor this in to your budget when you are thinking of creating business stationary.


We’re not saying that you need to spend your whole budget on the best gold-plated card you can find, but it is important to consider how much more of an impact a well designed item of stationary printed on high quality paper or card has than a flimsy piece of paper.

First impressions are extremely important in any aspect of life, so make sure that you’re making it a good one for your business with the help of Colin Cross Printers. We’re able to advise you on your business stationary and branding, as well as produce high quality, cost effective printed stationary.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!