Add a Personal Touch to an Order of Service Booklet

An order of service booklet is important for three of life’s key events: birth, marriage and death. These simple booklets are ideal as a memento of the service, including hymns, readings and prayers, plus photos that serve as a lasting reminder of the people you’re celebrating.

By investing a little time and effort into your order of service booklet, you can create something very special that will act as a lasting reminder of the occasion. Let’s focus on weddings and funerals, and how you can create an order of service that is memorable and appropriate for the occasion. This can seem a daunting task, so remember that there’s a formal structure that you need to include for the ceremony that acts as a useful backbone for the order of service.

The Front Cover

For a wedding, this will usually take the form of mentioning the names of the happy couple, the date and the venue. Use a font and size of typeface you feel is appropriate to the occasion – bold and modern or soft and romantic. For a funeral, it’s appropriate to use a photo of the person whose life you’re celebrating.

The Contents

For religious ceremonies, you’ll need to include the different stages of the ceremony plus any prayers and hymns that are sung. Including personal information about the happy couple or the deceased makes your order of service more personal, and in the case of a funeral, the inclusion of photos and even a touch of colour is entirely appropriate for what should be a celebration of a person’s life.

The Layout

Centralised copy helps to give an order of service a clear and consistent look. Keep it as simple and easy to read as possible, so use bold and italics to differentiate text rather than a jumble of confusing fonts.

The Back Cover

This is often forgotten but it’s the ideal place for a poem or inspirational phrase and perhaps a photo that really sets the tone for the day. This makes the order of service a keepsake of the event.

Ask the Professionals

Still unsure where to begin? If you’re looking for help with printing designs Lancaster then the team at Colin Cross can help you create a personalised order of service for a wedding or a funeral. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to advise you.