6 Steps to Follow When Designing Your Brand

Often, branding is the first thing that consumers come into contact with before they get to know a company. That’s why getting the best design for your brand can be a source of much deliberation and discussion. At Colin Cross Printers Lancaster, we understand how important branding is to your company and dedicate our services to creating the best brand designs to help push your campaigns and attract more customers. To get you started, here are some easy steps to follow to design the most aesthetic brand for your organisation.

1. Go to the Drawing Board

The first step is brainstorming; getting down any notes about your company and its offering, product or service. No idea is a bad idea and mistakes are the way to success. It’s here where you think about your business and what message you want your brand to convey to the consumer; that is, what you want your customers to think of when they see your brand.

2. Build a Persona

You need to conduct research into your target audience and then look at your closest competition to see what kinds of branding they use. Narrow down your design idea to appeal to your target audience and even consider testing different logos and colour schemes on them. Your target audience should act as the main drive behind the designing of your brand.

3. Understand the Changing Nature of Design Styles

With the aesthetics of design evolving regularly, companies that find the perfect brand design to begin with often do not have to go through the upheaval of changing their branding only a few years later. Start with the understanding that trends change and try to choose a design that is timeless and will continue to make an impact many years into the future, rather than one which is already quite outdated to begin with. There are a variety of design styles to consider in choosing your design which a reputable printing company can advise you on.

4. Strike a Balance

While brainstorming, you may have some favourite brands and logos to draw inspiration from for your design. It’s imperative to strike a balance to ensure you do not end up copying some other company’s brand or logo.

5. Be Versatile

Remember that in the time and age we live in right now, your brand needs to reach your customers in as many ways and through as many platforms as possible. You need to ensure your brand and logo design can make an impact on social media, your website and online adverts as well as in print advertising, so you’ll need to consider how it translates to portrait and landscape dimensions, as well as in colour and mono.

6. Consider Feedback

While it’s your design and you know what you want the brand to speak, you need to consider the advice of colleagues and perhaps even customers on the design’s font, colour palette, and message. Feedback is an essential ingredient to determine the final product.

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