Why We Behave Strangely When Receiving a Business Communication

Imagine this scenario: if, instead of being providers of quality business stationery and materials for a Morecambe customer or offering printing design ideas to a Lancaster company, we were in the business, say, of producing educational toys, we’d look at each communication we receive quite differently.

What Do We Mean by This and How Might it Also Apply to You?

Because we are in the printing business, we will immediately start to assess how the communication is presented, rather than initially focusing on what it says. It’s a normal, almost instinctive reaction for our team to look at the design, examine the layout – perhaps even check for any errors! It’s also a natural action for our customers to take when creating a brochure or menu, manual or the like. It’s about undertaking a technical examination, rather than investigating the actual content.

But These Are Not Normal Reactions!

We don’t mean that either you or, indeed, our own team, are in any way abnormal, except in this ‘examination’ focus. This is why it’s important to remember this when creating printed materials: your audience is going to look at it very differently from how you do. Those who receive a printed communication from you, for example, a product or services brochure will likely react differently if they have heard of you compared to if you are new to them.

From this starting point, their focus will then be on the information. To them, the layout will be insignificant unless it gets in the way of their easy understanding of what you are saying to them. In their minds, they won’t be analysing the style you use but will be wondering if and how your products or services can help them solve a problem and operate more efficiently.

Readers will then be keen (we hope) to take the action you want them to. Again, the layout should make it easy for them to proceed.

How Can we Help Provide a Clear Focus and a Quality Printed Stationery Product?

With our team concentrating on the technical presentation of your brochure or presentation folder, you can use your insider knowledge to focus on the content. To work together in this way, please contact us for business stationery in Morecambe now.