What you Need to Consider at Trade Shows…

If you have made the decision to exhibit at a trade show, you will have no doubt invested substantially in this opportunity. These wonderful chances to meet and interact with your customers (both business and consumer) can be hugely rewarding, but often the full impact of these moments is lost because necessary preparations haven’t been made to optimise the exposure.

Market Yourself

At an exhibition, it’s important to put on a great show and ensure your branding is visible from a distance. You want to get seen. Along with putting up printed banners and flags, don’t forget that you are also there advertising your business. In fact, you’re a walking billboard. Don’t miss out on this. By wearing branded jumpers and hats, your team will be marketing your business no matter where they are. It will also make them easy to identify for anyone looking to talk with your company.


It’s also important to have all your most crucial information to hand to give out easily. Having professional brochures and printed business cards are two key ways of doing this. Flyers are also a great way of sharing latest offers, promotions or key contact information. It is important that these are designed in an eye-catching and simple way – you need to communicate your messages against a crowd of other like-minded businesses also trying to capture the attention of this same audience.

Convey Trust

If you’re taking orders, it also pays to have delivery books, invoice pads, and any branded business stationery necessary too, as this will help you run an efficient and organised operation. It will also give your customers trust in what you do.

Corporate Merchandise

You may also be interested in giving out corporate merchandise to help those passing by your stand remember you. Statistics for promotional products have found that after receiving some kind of corporate gift, 85% of consumers will go on to do business with that company. Additionally, more than half will hold on to the product for more than a year – that’s a long time of being able to get your name into their mind.

From pens and pencils to mugs and bottles, there are lots of ways to ensure you’re gifting them something that will keep your brand in your customer’s hand! The key is to maximise this opportunity as much as possible. Get in touch with us to find out how.