Update Your Business Stationery for 2017

Is your business stationery looking tired? Have you recently overhauled your branding but not your letterhead? Or have your contact details changed recently? Then make it your new year’s resolution to update your corporate stationery.

Your business stationery says a lot about you as a brand and is an important point of contact between you and your customers. Think of stationery as an important part of your overall marketing strategy – does it accurately reflect your business? Is it reinforcing your brand identity? Is it engaging and striking, with professional typography? If not, you need to update it now.

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Build Your Brand

Is your stationery consistent with other branding across the company? If the answer is no, then you need to reflect your logo in your letterhead. Your stationery suite should be eye catching and uniquely reflect your brand, reinforcing your professional image.

Choose Quality Media

If your letterheads look like they were printed on copier paper on a home inkjet, then that reflects poorly on your business. Colin Cross Printers in Morecambe can advise you on the right quality of paper stock to use, with just the right attention to detail, to project a professional image across your stationery suite.

Choose a Clean Design

While you don’t want your stationery to look dull, a busy design can be distracting. Think about iconic design like Apple, where simplicity is key to projecting an impression of professionalism. If you feel your entire branding could do with a 2017 makeover, then Colin Cross printing designs in Lancaster can help you make those important design decisions to project the right corporate image.

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Be informative

Don’t lose sight of the information that you need to include on your letterheads. If you haven’t updated your design in a while, then you may not be compliant with the information your letterheads must include:

• Your company’s registered number and office address
• Where your company is registered
• If it’s a limited company

Ensure that any contact information is up to date, including telephone number, websites and email.

If your stationery needs an update or a makeover, then please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your business requirements.