The Power of the Pen – How Promotional Gifts Can Benefit Your Marketing

Take a look around your home, and you’ll no doubt find at least one promotional gift from a company: a pen, a keyring, a fridge magnet…the possibilities are endless. Are you making the most of such items to promote your business, though? At Colin Cross Printers, we’ve created a list of five reasons why they’re a great idea.

They’re a Long-Term Asset

If you choose the right gift, the recipients are likely to keep it for a long time. Something functional – such as a notebook, a USB key or a keyring bottle opener – will be used time and time again, keeping your brand at the top of their mind.

USB key isolated on on pure white background

They Improve Your Brand Image

Everyone loves a freebie, and from the consumer’s point of view, this is a no-obligation freebie. They don’t need to do anything in return, apart from advertise your brand for you!

They Have a Low Cost Per Impression

Think about the difference in cost between a television ad and a promotional gift such as a pint glass branded with your company name and logo. While a television ad may be forgotten after a relatively short run, a pint glass will be used multiple times – and often by a number of different people.

They’re a Controlled Means of Advertising

With print ads, for example, you have no real idea whether your target market will be seeing your brand. With promotional items, you choose who sees it. Whether you’re giving them away as corporate gifts, as competition prizes or as freebies at an event, their marketing reach is in your control.

Blank roll-up banners against the grey wall

There’s an Endless Choice Available.

The beauty of promotional items is that you can choose a gift type to suit any audience or any budget. From pens and keyrings to branded umbrellas and bespoke items, the world is your oyster.

A promotional gift can go a long way, and need not cost the earth. To find out how we can help with your promotional gift needs, contact us.