The Power Of Branded Stationery

When it comes to branded stationery, one of the most powerful reasons to invest is the experience it gives people of your brand. Unlike online branding which focuses only on a person’s visual and auditory senses, branded business stationery can also engage a person’s sense of touch and even smell! Sending out your communications on branded stationery can develop the relationships you share with your customers, helping you to both win and retain their business. By always utilising branded stationery, you’ll also be reinforcing your brand, which will keep you top of your customer’s minds when it comes to their purchasing decisions. Below we’ve listed just a couple of reasons why branded stationery is so powerful.

Brand Awareness

One of the most powerful aspects of branded stationery is that it can help to raise awareness of your brand with your customers – both actual and potential. By using branded stationery and letter headed paper, you’re reinforcing your brand identity by always communicating through your brand. The more often your brand is seen, including your logo, font, business name and tagline (if you have one) the more recognisable it will become, increasing awareness among your audience. If you want people to engage with your brand over your competitors, then brand recognition is a key way to win market share.


Using creative print for your branded stationery can help to set you apart from other companies sending your same target audience printed materials. Use a metallic finish, a unique typeface or an embossed logo to promote your brand. Using creativity in your branded stationery can highlight the uniqueness of your brand, again reinforcing to your customers and recipients of your branded stationery the power of your brand. The more you invest in your print the more positive the message you send to your customers about how you value both your brand and their custom.

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