The Importance of Colour and Shape

When it comes to establishing brand identity there is nothing more important than an eye-catching logo. When you think of your favourites brands, the ones you return to again and again, it’s their logos that leap to mind, more so than their products or services.

You want a design that customers can identify with, one that delivers a message, even a back-story to your business – an image that is uniquely yours.

However, much of your logo’s message has already been delivered by the time a potential customer has taken a second look. In that first glance, perhaps out of the corner of their eye as they walk down the high street, or scrolling past as they browse the internet, they’ve already decided whether or not they like your brand.

It sounds preposterous, but no less an authority than noted neuroscientist and artist Bevil Conway has suggested that the colour and shape of your branding have a greater impact on your client base than you might think.


Curved shapes (ellipses, ovals, and circles) suggest community and friendship, emotional security and stability. They give a sense of unity and endurance and are thought of as feminine.

Triangles, diamonds, and other straight-edged shapes imply stability and balance, the precision of the lines denoting efficiency, strength and professionalism. They are associated with the law and with power, and they are often viewed as having masculine attributes.


Colours are more complex. Although certain colours hold certain connotations for the consumer, those connotations can often contradict one another.

For instance, red is associated with love, passion and energy, as much as it is with risk, danger, and anger. Yellow is widely regarded as an optimistic colour, denoting springtime and energy, yet it brings with it preconceptions of cowardice. Green can be used to convey health, good fortune, and nature, but it is also the colour of jealousy.

However, there are also some colours that are more commonly associated with certain industries, such as red for news, health and entertainment, yellow for food, and green for energy industries.

Nevertheless, the combination of colour and shape will ultimately result in a successful brand logo.

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