The Future of Video in Branding

A knowing marketer once stated that ‘content is king’. This person, whoever they were, was correct: content is indeed king, but only if you are creating the content that your audience wants to see.

To many, the word ‘content’ is synonymous with the written word, but that will, in the years to come, change. We are a society addicted to gadgets and devices; we are glued to our phones, tablets and laptops, and we consume our media through our screens. And this shift in how we access information and subsequently digest it is dramatically altering how marketers and advertisers are choosing to reach their audiences.

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The Rise of Video

Video is, quite simply, taking the world of marketing by storm. Estimates suggest that by 2017 almost seven-tenths (69%) of all consumer internet traffic will be directly associated with video, while a similar number of marketers (64%) believe that video will completely dominate their content strategies in the years to come.

YouTube, the second most visited website in the world – behind only search engine giant Google – has over 1 billion video views a day on mobile alone, while it is estimated that the total number of hours of videos watched each month on the site is close to 3.2 billion. That’s an awful lot of video, and a huge opportunity for advertisers, marketing and branding gurus to reach millions upon millions of engaged people instantly.

A Way to Reach & Engage Brits

Research has found that one in three Britons – that’s over 20 million people – view at least one video each week, though many millions watch far more than that. Videos are a fantastic way not only of showcasing a message, but of explaining complicated ideas in a manner that people can grasp quickly and easily. Words and static images have limits when it comes to advertising and marketing, but with video there is far greater scope; a video can absorb and entertain, inform and enlighten, all within the space of a few seconds.

And there are other benefits. Videos that are high quality and receive numerous views can improve a website’s SEO ranking (especially if uploaded on YouTube). Videos need not cost a lot – a simple message coupled with a fetching concept can win over people just as easily as one that costs thousands of pounds.


If you are in the business of creating content, then becoming adept when it comes to video is vital. Video is the future, and that future will be upon us incredibly quickly.


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