Logo Design Tips from the Experts

Creating a unique and eye-catching logo is one of the essential strategies of creating a successful brand and business. Your logo will be the most recognisable factor when it comes to your brand; therefore, it should undergo a great deal of research and consideration before you commit to having your design printed on your marketing materials.

Here are a few top tips from the experts about creating the most effective logo:

Graphic designer using digital tablet and computer in office or

1. Understand Your Brand

As a new business, you’re bound to face a great deal of competition; therefore, ensuring you stand out from the crowd is important. Before designing your logo, make sure you research your competitors and consider your target market to create a logo that is both suitable and effective yet distinctive.

Your logo is the main form of branding and is essentially the first thing your customers will see. Take into consideration your customers’ interests and understand the meaning and purpose for your brand aspirations.

2. Choose an Appropriate Typeface

Whether you’re choosing to make your logo design solely lettering or even just incorporate initials, you’ll need to consider the typeface you intend to use. If your company has a unique name, you may be able to use lettering alone, but if not you’ll also need to consider other symbols to allow your logo to showcase individuality.

Your typeface will be dependent on the type of business you own, your approach and of course your target market. Some modern companies such as Google opt to go for a simple sans serif font, whilst others have chosen much more flamboyant or traditional lettering. Take some time to research what’s out there and what it says about your company before you make any final decisions.

3. Add Personality

Whilst it’s important to have a sense of simplicity to your logo so that it’s easily recognisable, it’s also essential to add personality such as through imagery, colours and other small embellishments.

Stick to colour schemes rather than using too many clashing tones and select a dominant colour, complemented by accenting tones. Once your brand is recognised by your target market, you may decide to start stripping your logo back to basics by using the most distinct features.

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