How to Successfully Change your Brand

Just as we develop and change as human beings, a business can outgrow its brand. The prospect of rebranding is both exciting and daunting but executed in the right way, it is possible to reap the rewards of a successful brand change.

Our top tips will guide you through your rebrand project:

Understand the Reason for Change

Mockup business template

It is important to fully understand the motivation for changing your brand as the answer to this will become the template for your rebrand. Reasons could include:

  • • Business expansion and/or diversification
  • • To increase brand awareness
  • • To stand out against the competition
  • • To refresh an outdated brand

Once the aims are understood, the scale of the brand change should become clearer. If it is a refresh, the current logo may benefit from a very subtle re-design. For business repositioning, it may be necessary to start with a completely new logo.

Detail Everything the Brand Impacts

Once you know why you are doing it, the next exercise is to consider every business asset that the brand is associated with. This can become quite a long list but will be useful to extract the priority items from. Your list is likely to include:

  • Website
  • Presentation templates
  • Business cards and letterheads
  • Printed brochures and promotional materials

Book Pads

Choose Professional Partners

With a priority list in place, there is now a working document which can be used to add time-lines and cost. Once the business is agreed on the proposed actions, it is the right time to obtain quotes for the work. It is important to have reliable printers to provide logo designs, new business stationery and collateral. Your chosen printers will ensure delivery of a consistent appearance and quality for the new brand.

Plan the Brand Re-Launch

Once your brand redesign is underway, the plans for implementing the changed branding can begin. It could be introduced softly or with a promotional fanfare – the choice is yours!

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