How to Design a Funeral Order of Service Keepsake

We recently talked about how to add a personal touch to an order of service, but it can be hard to know where to even start with the design. When creating an Order of Service booklet to be handed out to mourners at a funeral, it’s important to get the design right. It’s always a good idea to use Colin Cross Printers, a professional company for printing designs in Lancaster for advice and inspiration. In the meantime, here’s a quick overview to give you an idea on how to start.

Page 1

The first page is the cover of your Order of Service. The aim of the cover is to include a photo of the person who has died, along with their names, date of birth, and the date they died.

Keep the cover simple and free from fancy fonts and other embellishments; the picture of the deceased should be the focal point.

Page 2

The second page forms the inside of the Order of Service booklet. This page should show the order in which the funeral service will take place. Include details of hymns, eulogies, readings, etc. The details are usually prefaced by a simple introductory line, for example, “A celebration of the life of James (Jimmy) Smith”.

If you want to, you could also include a list of the deceased’s immediate family members. The list should begin with the deceased’s spouse, then their parents, children, and any grandchildren.

The design and font choice are usually kept simple. For headings, use bold text and avoid fancy italics or bright colours.

Page 3

Page 3 usually contains important information about the funeral service itself, including:

• the location of the funeral service
• the location of the wake or post-funeral gathering
• the name and address of funeral director
• where the burial or cremation is to take place and whether the service is private or if guests are welcome.

You should also say whether flowers should be sent or if donations to a specified charity are preferred. Include a thank-you message on this page addressed to those who have attended the service.

Page 4

This page is the back of the Order of Service. You can leave it blank if you wish or perhaps include a different picture of the deceased.

The Order of Service is a very important element of the funeral service. Follow the tips above to help you devise a suitable Order of Service and contact the experts at Colin Cross Printers for more advice and assistance in designing it.