How to Boost Your Business with Print

Print marketing should be used as part of a multi-channel marketing strategy including a range of offline and offline activity. Print marketing can be used for marketing your business directly, or indirectly, increasing awareness of your brand and the product or service you’re offering.

Using well designed, high-quality print says a lot about your business, from the way you wish to promote you’re offering using quality materials and the time and money you’re willing to invest in sharing your message with your potential customers. Below we’ve highlighted some key ways print marketing can help to boost your business.

Strengthens Your Brand

Print marketing is a great way to strengthen your brand, regardless of whether you’re a new business just through launch phase, or a well-established organisation. By promoting your logo, brand name and key USP or brand messages on your print materials, you’ll be reiterating your brand message, which will help to improve recognition. The more times your target customers see your branding, the more likely they will be to feel it’s a brand they know and can trust, increasing their likelihood to purchase.

More Personality

Using print marketing allows you to promote the personality of your brand differently than online marketing. You will be engaging people’s senses, including sight, smell and touch – so ensure you utilise the full opportunity to engage with the people you think would be interested in what your business has to sell.

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Don’t just think print marketing is about leaflets, flyers, or catalogues – you can get creative with your marketing taking inspiration from novel packaging and invoicing to origami. Use your imagination when it comes to creating marketing materials that you want your target customers to engage with, as it could be your only chance to interest them in your business.

If you’re sending out direct printed marketing materials or handing out printed material at an event, you’ll want to ensure your messages stand out from your competitors, so the more creative you can be with the way you design your print material, the better.

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