Holiday Cards to Keep in Touch

With the advent of autumn, it’s just a month or two to the holiday season! It’s a time to reconnect and remind your clients what your company does, as well as send some positive vibes out. Some people choose to send e-cards, but that can often feel impersonal, or worse, end up in the spam folder! As our world becomes more digitalised, many flock towards things that offer a warmer, more personalised and intimate touch, whether it’s personal or business related – and a customised holiday card fits that bill.

Christmas Greeting Cards

Designing Your Card

It may be tempting to simply send a generic Christmas card, but don’t do that! This is a fantastic chance to strengthen your company’s image and branding. Consider firstly what kind of image you’d like to put on the card. Perhaps it is a cleverly manipulated photograph? A charming watercolour illustration, beautiful hand lettering that’s sure to impress?

Colours are another important factor to consider. Warm and cosy colours are often associated with the holiday season, however, you don’t have to stick with them. Using your company’s colours effectively is a great way to shake it up and create a unique card that enhances your branding.

One last thing you might want to think hard about: the text inside the card. Aside from standard warm wishes, you can also include the services your company provides in a relevant way. An injection of appropriate humour never fails to be memorable.

Add a Gift

If you really want to up the wow factor with your season’s greetings, maybe try sending a customised gift with company branding on it. Colin Cross Printers offers a range of items, such as mugs, pens and business stationery.

Ensure the items are useful, something that people may require in their everyday lives, and that ups the chances that they will be more likely to think of your company first when they consider services they need, since they’ll see your company’s name on a frequent basis.

If you’re not quite sure where to start with your card, or only have a seed of an idea, we at Colin Cross Printers offer design along with printing. If you’re looking for printers in Lancaster, Morecambe, Preston or the Fylde, we’re happy to help. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your printing needs!