Everything Your Business Card Needs

When you’re looking for business stationery in Morecambe, one of the top things on your list will no doubt be getting your business cards printed. They’re hugely useful when meeting new people and networking, offering a quick and easy way to hand over your contact details.

But what do you need to consider when printing them?

Your Logo

It’s pretty crucial to have your logo on your business card. This is how people recognise you; it conveys your business identity, your reputation and your industry. It’s also what makes you memorable. It will likewise define the colours, shapes and fonts used on the rest of the business card as it is important that they are cohesive.

Your Name

This is what separates your business card out from anyone else’s in the company and ensures the recipient knows who they have been speaking with. It may seem pretty obvious but so many people forget to add this key nugget of information. You don’t have to use your formal name – if people call you by a different name, add this instead so they’re able to communicate with you from the start in the way you’re familiar with.

Job Role

After your name, it is also really helpful to put your position in a company. This helps the person who has received it understand what your role is and how you can help them. It’s never easy if people are having to go through their memory bank to try and summon to mind what it is that you actually do.

Contact Details

This is the crucial information – so make sure it is direct. It’s about creating a personal connection so don’t break this with anything generic. When people use the details on the card – whether that be e-mail, phone number, etc – they’ll be expecting to speak with you. Don’t give anything too personal though i.e. home number, personal e-mail, as this won’t look professional. Important information includes an e-mail address, phone number (mobile and office, if you use both for business purposes) and postal address.

Website & Social Media

These details help interested contacts go to relevant pages about your business to find out more. It gives them a better sense of the work you do and helps to reassure them about your good reputation. Only put your best social media accounts on there though, as they’ll probably only visit one or two at the most – if you have a good number of followers with one, use that one; it shows how popular you are and will boost their confidence in you.

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