Could an Autumn Colour Scheme Harm Your Business?

At this time of year, the feel of advertising, branding and marketing, both in terms of content and aesthetics, changes enormously, and not necessarily for the better. There’s somehow a lack of optimism in the air: with summer long since passed, the bright, breezy adverts, shop fronts and marketing material become drab or completely Christmas focused.

This is compounded by a lack of inspiration in autumn colours on the whole. Certainly the golden browns and yellows of the leaves outside are picturesque, but whether these translate into accessible, interesting or provoking colours for your business is another matter.

Falls Colors in Brown County State Park in Indiana
The beauty of autumn colours in nature lies in the decay and transition into winter – these are poignant and thought-provoking themes, but not necessarily good ones for your company to adapt.

Stay Optimistic!

Trying to adhere to a seasonal colour scheme all the year round is something of a fool’s errand. Not only will you pay more for printing costs, you potentially deter customers with a inconsistent brand and message. At Colin Cross Printers, we are experts in design for business as well as providing the superb printing that you need to realise it.

We wholeheartedly believe that autumn should be left outside, and that your business would benefit instead from a colour scheme that works all the year round – with occasional variation for various offers, campaigns or initiatives. Bright, breezy colours should not be left to spring or summer: people will be inspired throughout the seasons by eye-catching colours, and your business can stay ahead of the curve in providing them.

One or Multiple Printing Solutions

We provide design and printing solutions for everything from menus to stationary, and we deliver right to your door. If you have a design, or an idea for one that you’d like us to help with – not to mention to create from scratch – then we have the right options for you. Don’t let drab browns and yellows spoil your business, contact us today to find out how bright colours can work for you all year round.