Key Design Elements in Effective Branding

Whenever you think of a well-known brand, it is almost certain you will be able to instantly identify their logo. Think of the Apple with its bite out, the primary colours of Google, the four interlinked rings of Audi or the italic script of Kellogg’s or Coca-Cola. A logo ties up neatly and succinctly the […]

The Power of the Pen – How Promotional Gifts Can Benefit Your Marketing

Take a look around your home, and you’ll no doubt find at least one promotional gift from a company: a pen, a keyring, a fridge magnet…the possibilities are endless. Are you making the most of such items to promote your business, though? At Colin Cross Printers, we’ve created a list of five reasons why they’re […]

How to Successfully Change your Brand

Just as we develop and change as human beings, a business can outgrow its brand. The prospect of rebranding is both exciting and daunting but executed in the right way, it is possible to reap the rewards of a successful brand change. Our top tips will guide you through your rebrand project:

Importance of Typography for Businesses

Typography is an art form in which text is composed by arranging physical types, providing a legible and appealing written language. Used in everyday life, typography is an extension of your brand’s voice and identity. Understanding how typography can influence consumers’ opinions about your brand will help you design your business’ typography.

3 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make With Your Company’s Name

You have the idea, the investor, the potential clients… and now you just need a name. This might be the trickiest bit so far, though. The word or words you choose have to reflect your business personality, attract clients and make you stand out among competitors. And, as in any marketing strategy, creativity is the […]

The Power of Colours in Your Business

Colours are a powerful psychological tool. They can help you create a good first impression with your business stationery and can make any design great, as we are heavily influenced by what we see. We feel a more natural affiliation to some colours than others – after all, we’ve all been asked at least once […]

Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Logo

In the commercial and corporate worlds, your logo is one of the most important aspects of your company. It’s essentially the first feature of your business that people will come into contact with, and you will want to make sure that you’re turning heads and making people sit up and notice what you and your […]

What Printing Service Fits My Need?

So you’re looking for print services in Lancaster, right? Maybe you’ve got several requirements that need fulfilling. Hey, today’s your lucky day. Operating just outside of Lancaster, we’ve got a pretty grand ol’ range of print services that will cover all your needs. Don’t believe us? Well, there’s…

Are You Making the Right Impression with Your Business Stationery?

Believe it or not, people do judge a book by its cover, even though we’re often told that’s never the best outlook on life. Humans are very visual beings and getting an impression of something before we really get to know what it is properly is just something that we do naturally. This is why […]

5 Things That Makes a Good Design Great

Design is an incredibly complex subject; what one person loves, another may hate. Like most art, design can be incredibly subjective and it is often difficult for many people to create a design that they are happy with. In other words – there’s no such thing as a “good” design. However, as specialists in printing […]