Benefits of Branding Your Business

Welcome to Colin Cross Printers, where we specialise in business design and printing in Lancaster. Throughout this blog we will be able to share any advice we have about your company’s design direction and our expertise and advice on the importance of branding.

Establishing a design concept for your business is a form of marketing, so we will also explore the advantages of using visuals and the effect of them on your consumer audience. In fact, in our debut blog post, we will explore the benefits of branding your stationery and company merchandise.

BRAND bulb word cloud, business concept


At Colin Cross Printers we know that branding is extremely important as it suggests to your customers that you are an established company. It also sets you apart from companies that offer similar services to yours, making you look professional, qualified and overall more distinctive.

You could create this impression with branded notebooks, pens, business cards and brochures; you could even offer your customised equipment as gifts and freebies to your customers so they have something to remember your business by.


It is said that people are more likely to remember information conveyed in graphics rather than written or verbal pieces of information. Visuals will last much longer in people’s memories, which is why it would be beneficial to invest in the design of a company logo.

Logos will again make your brand seem more reputable and are a great way to get people to remember and recognise your business and services in the future. Having a clever concept for your logo can help explain your business a little better, and you could have a logo easily printed onto items that people use every day, such as keyrings, coasters, mousemats and fridge magnets if you wanted to.

Mockup business template. High resolution. 3D reander


Branding shows that you take care over your appearance; your concern about the smaller details of your business suggests that the quality of your products or services will be of a similar standard.

These details are a subtle way of giving your customers an idea of what they can expect from your company; a guarantee that you will deliver the same attention to detail with each of your customers.

Also, spending that little bit more on branding will suggest that you’re willing to go the extra mile with your business, providing the best and not the minimum.

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