7 Tips for Pro Typography on Your Business Stationery

Make sure the typography on all your business stationery is spot on with these pro tips every designer should know…

1. Take Your Time

Selecting typefaces that are ideal for you and your business is hard work. Don’t fall into the habit of using particular ‘default’ fonts. Take your time discovering new options and don’t settle until you’ve found the perfect choice for the job at hand, and develop your own quirks in the way you use them.

2. Less is More

Don’t clutter your pages with 10 different typefaces. The fewer you use, the more your choices will stand out. Use size, case, and weight to create variety, rather than relying on different fonts.

3. Avoid Trends

It’s always good to know what’s hot, but it won’t be hot forever. Don’t rely on trendy typefaces – they’re a flash in the pan. You want lasting greatness.

4. Vary Your Typefaces

When putting typefaces together, vary their styles to complement each other, rather than trying to match them. Using similar typefaces will give the appearance of inconsistency or error, rather than difference.

5. Don’t Neglect Serifs

Sans serif may be contemporary, clean, and a tad straight-laced, but give serif a little credit. It’s a tried, tested, dependable classic when used properly. Pair it with something that really makes it shine.

6. Prioritise Legibility

It sounds like an obvious point but we sometimes get so caught up in the overall effect of typography that we forget to check that it’s legible. We know exactly what it says, which makes it doubly difficult to retain perspective. It might look lush, but if nobody can read it, it’s not doing its job.

7. Let the Words Breathe

Use kerning, tracking, and leading to ensure there’s enough room to properly read and absorb your text. Whether your typeface is part of a logo, overlaying an image, or standing alone, don’t allow the default settings to dictate the spacing. Give your words room to breathe. Avoid cluttering or clustering them and remember the value of negative space.

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