5 Things That Makes a Good Design Great

Design is an incredibly complex subject; what one person loves, another may hate. Like most art, design can be incredibly subjective and it is often difficult for many people to create a design that they are happy with. In other words – there’s no such thing as a “good” design.

However, as specialists in printing in Lancaster, we’d like to dispel this myth. Although many people may have differing views as to whether they like a design or not, it doesn’t necessarily make it a bad one.

So, what do we think makes a good design great?

It Is Successful

The whole purpose of designing something is to get people invested in it. It needs to be able to tantalise, convert and get people talking in order to fulfil its purpose.


It needs to be completely tailored to the intended audience in order to be able to attract the most attention, as well as be able to convert the person viewing the design to commit and invest in it. This goes for any type of business or product branding, which relies on catching the eye of potential new customers or clients.

It Is Unique

In order to become successful, your design will need to prove it can hold its own in a world full of design work. That means having a strong, unique presence which will make people want to pick your brand over the others in front of them.

Using graphic tablet with PC. Processed in B&W

Choose unique colours which match the personality of your brand appropriately and harness the power of visual design; the more attention you can bring to your brand where your audience begin to recognise you, the better!

It Is Consistent

It is especially important that the design that you choose is consistent throughout, no matter what platform or media you will be using it on.

woman in coffee shop iStock_000066513445_Small

You want your brand to look cohesive so that it can be easily identified; whether it’s a brochure, business card, or even your company website, it’s important for your target audience to be able to recognise that this product is from your business.

It Can Be Adapted

Although the design has to be consistent so that it can be well recognised of various different platforms or media, it’s also important that it can be adapted to that it fits in with the media or platform it is being used on.

Design on Red Keyboard Button.

For example, branding a website is a completely different process with different design requirements than if the design is being placed on a brochure.

You need to strike a balance between adaptability and consistency that advocates recognition of different media platforms.

It Can Stand the Test of Time

Designing with longevity in mind is highly advised, no matter what you are designing. Rather than having to redesign or rebrand every few years, try to go with a design which can be successful with minimal – or even no editing at all over time.

Take a look at brands like Starbucks; their branding has hardly changed a great deal over the years, proving that their design is timeless – making it more recognisable and therefore successful

Design is something which requires a great deal of thought, especially when branding your business. Getting it right first time is a sure fire way to help your business or products become successful, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert designers here at Colin Cross Printers today if you require help with your business branding or design.