5 Reasons Why Promotional Products Matter for Your Business

Even in the digital age, promotional products matter. In fact, they offer a retention and reach that other marketing methods are envious of, making a printed pen or branded stress ball a powerful and effective way of getting your brand image out there.

Hit Your Target

Promotional products are never hit or miss like other forms of branding. They’re delivered directly to your target audience whether that’s potential customers and clients at a trade show, or new followers on social media that you reward with a giveaway. Promotional items also make good thank you gifts or even rewards for your employees.


Consider this: 85% of customers do business with a company that has given them a promotional item. That’s an excellent return on your investment in promotional items, making these affordable giveaways a cost-effective marketing tool.

Create an Impression

Promotional products branded with your information will be used time and time again. This may be the powerbank that takes up residence on your desk at work, or it may be the pen you lend to a colleague, but both items have enormous reach thanks to their high visibility. In fact, a staggering 94% of recipients say they can remember who gave them a promotional item up to 2 years later.

Brand Building

Select the right promotional products and you’re creating a metaphor for your brand. If your product is timely, useful, high-quality and adds value for your clients and customers then that’s the impression you’re giving to your brand. Tech gadgets are good choices for items that create an excellent first impression. Or consider sustainable products like organic cotton T-shirts or items made from recycled materials that send out a message about your brand’s attitude to sustainability.


The key USP of any promotional product is its usefulness. That’s why the humble pen continues to be one of the most highly prized promotional items. Choose wisely by offering relevant and current items to your clients and you’ll keep your brand name front and centre.

If you’d like to capitalise on the power of promotional products, at Colin Cross Printers Lancaster we offer a comprehensive range of items that can be printed with your branding. Please contact us today for more details.