5 Reasons Business Cards Still Matter in the Digital Age

You only get one chance to make a great first impression, so your business card has to work extra hard for you. Your business stationery may be the only tangible piece of marketing for most companies in the digital age, but there are 5 good reasons why a great business card still matters.

The Personal Touch

Swapping contact information by email can be very impersonal, and making strong connections still relies on human interaction. You’ll create a tangible memory of a meeting when you press your beautifully designed and printed business card into a contact’s hand while making full eye contact.

Direct Marketing When it Matters

If you keep a supply of business cards in your wallet, then you’re always equipped to turn a chance meeting into a valuable business contact. Social media might attract people’s interest, but the handshake and the business card still seal the deal.

Create a Conversation

Really well-crafted business stationery not only makes a great first impression, it can start a whole new conversation with a prospective client. The more unique the card, the more you’ll open lines of communication, and that’s important when you’re meeting for the first time.

Create and Share

When was the last time you shared a contact from your phone? For most of us, a stored contact name and number stay on your phone and that’s where it ends. Hand over a carefully crafted and well-designed business card and it’s much more likely to get shared around, keeping your business front and centre in prospective clients’ minds.

Be Prepared

How many times have you been about to take down contact details only to find your phone battery has died? Scribbling down information on a scrap of paper not only looks unprofessional but is far more likely to get lost. Having a business card handy says you’re professional and prepared to do business, and that can make all the difference in a new client’s eyes.

If you want to make the power of business stationery work for you, then Colin Cross Printers Lancaster and Morecambe can help you to leverage the power of the killer business card. Contact us today for more details.