3 Ways to Amp Up That Invoice

When it comes to business stationery, companies often focus their attention on business cards, letterheads or brochures. However, be careful not to neglect the other client-facing correspondence you are likely to use, such as those all-important invoices, as doing so can result in appearing careless and lacking in attention to detail.

Although it might be tempting to cut costs and opt for a template to send to clients instead, it is important to take the time to perfect your invoice design in order to reflect you as a business. Ensuring that it is clear, concise and aesthetically pleasing will result in repeat business and a sense of pride that clients will appreciate.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Colour

Who said invoices need to be grey and dreary? If your company website, business cards and email signatures favour bolder hues and brighter prints, then maintain this in your billing documents, too. The more your invoice stands out from the rest, the more likely you are to get paid on time, so stick in the client’s mind by delivering an invoice to match the colours of the rainbow.

2. Keep it Clear and Simple

In order to make things easier for the client and help to avoid endless questions and clarification on payment, make your invoice both clear and concise. Simply state the task, the price due and total. In addition, include your full name, company name and invoice number clearly at the top of the document. Clients do not want to have to hunt around for information that should be readily available to them at a glance.

3. Keep Branding Consistent

Not only does branding provide clients with confidence in authenticity when they receive an invoice, it is a nice touch to receive documents that are branded. It shows attention to detail and serves to assist the prime purpose of branding – to stick in the customer’s mind.

These are just a few simple ways you can make your invoice more interesting. If you are looking to boost your business with print by looking for printers in Morecambe, contact us at Colin Cross Printers today.